The future of
Freight Forwarding

Join the global freight forwarding pioneers that use Paarou to intelligently organize, manage, and automate interaction with their customers, agents, and shipping lines in one integrated platform.

The future of
Freight Forwarding 

Empower Freight Forwarders with Integrated Data

Paarou centralizes and organizes your Internal and external communication, collaboration, and documentation into your all-in-one Paarou software.


Paarou Platform

Enquiry Management

Paarou provides you a smart Enquiry Management System that enables you to organize and manage the freight rates enquiries that you receive from different channels.

Paarou Intelligence collects enquiries from customers in the form of normal business conversational text messages in WhatsApp,  WeChat, Skype, Facebook messenger, and also Emails and automatically understand the content and transfers the enquiries into your Paarou Enquiry management system (EMS) and enables you to analyze, organize, manage and well follow up each freight rate enquiry.

Shipments management

Paarou Shipment management system (SMS) is the core of Paarou freight forwarding platform. It’s a very user-friendly, high-tech, and easy-to-work cloud-based system that automates your hard works. It enables you to organize all kinds of shipments including Air, Ocean (FCL/LCL), Trucking (FTL/LTL), and rail. no need to worry about multi-modal shipments because It’s the most convenient software to manage multi-modal shipments.

it enables the users inside the organization to communicate, collaborate, and share documents inside the system under each shipment reference. Also Paarou Intelligente automatically files and organizes emails of each enquiry or shipment under the folder of related enquiry or shipment.

Paarou Shipment management system (SMS) connected to Paarou Enquiry Management system(EMS) and Paarou Customer Portal.

Customer Portal ( Web and App)

Paarou Customer portal provides you an excellent online facility to receive freight rate enquiries, negotiate, deal, and share documents with your customer through your branded sales portal. Paarou provides you the customer portal in Web and mobile App (android and IOS) forms. 

Your Paarou web and mobile app customer portals are connected to your enquiry management system so when you receive an enquiry from your customer portal it’s automatically organized in your enquiry management system.

Quick quotes and bookings

Paarou provides you the possibility of having your instant/quick quote and booking in your portal.

Paarou provides your full control over the offers that quote to each customer so although the offers and bookings are automated but you have full control over the selling rates and bookings.


Paarou Real-time Analytics

Paarou real-time analytics enables users to get insights, have excellent visibility, and act on data as soon as the data enters their system.



We are working tirelessly to bring future technology to the freight forwarding, shipping, and transportation industry.

Stay tuned.

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